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Liability insurance

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Crime and fidelity insurance

Crime and fidelity insurance protects organisations from losses which could arise from dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by employees. 

The likelihood of businesses falling victim to commercial crime has increased significantly in recent years, with technology opening up new opportunities for criminal activity.

Any New Zealand business and not-for-profit organisation benefit from protection provided by crime and fidelity insurance.


What crime and fidelity insurance covers

Crime insurance reimburses the organisation for loss of money, securities or other property (for example stock or business equipment) due to the dishonesty of either employees or outside third parties.

Fidelity insurance responds to claims for direct loss to the organisation arising from any fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by employees.

Both insurances will usually also cover the cost of a fraud investigator to help prepare a claim and recommend future loss prevention measures.

Help with crime and fidelity cover

Our brokers can advise you on the best crime and fidelity cover for your business. They can work with you to create a tailored, cost-effective liability package.  And as your insurance advocate, we will be there if you need to lodge a claim to ensure it is resolved fairly and promptly. 


A department manager in an educational institution was authorising payment of invoices originating from a company that he owned for services which were either never supplied or, if supplied, were charged at above market rates.

The fraud was systematically carried out over a period of 14 months and was discovered shortly after the employee resigned.

The educational institution was able to use their insurance cover to claim for the fraud.


A steel products fabricator received what looked like a legitimate invoice for $42,000 from their supplier in China by email. The invoice was authorised and paid to the specified offshore bank account. It turned out that the client’s email system had been hacked and a fake invoice was created to look identical to those from their legitimate supplier, along with a covering note to say the “supplier” had changed bank accounts. Insurance thankfully paid out to cover this crime.

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