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Criminal defence legal costs

Criminal defence expenses insurance provides cover for costs incurred in legal disputes brought against you, company officers and employers.

When your business has been made the subject of criminal proceedings, the last thing you need to be worrying about is funding your legal representation

Legal expenses cover is usually offered as an extension to other general or public liability insurance.

Who needs criminal defence legal costs insurance?

Legal expenses insurance is available to anyone who wishes to protect themselves against the costs of defending unexpected legal actions.

What criminal defence legal costs insurance covers

This insurance covers your legal defence for criminal proceedings in the District Court or High Court under specific Acts of Parliament:

  • Crimes Act 1961
  • Summary Offences Act 1981
  • Misuse of Drugs Act 1976
  • Land Transport Act 1998  

Win or lose, the cost of defending liability claims can have a major impact on your business. Our brokers work with you to find the right insurance solution to protect you and your business, if you were to face legal action. 

Claim example - event organiser

An event organiser had been running an annual cycle race for five years. Each year she liaised with the council about which roads would be closed to local traffic and which roads would have to remain open. She then provided a written brief to all competitors telling them which roads were open to traffic and where they should take extra caution.

An alleged ambiguity in the written brief led to a fatal accident, when one of the cyclists moved out of lane and hit oncoming traffic. The event organiser was tried for criminal nuisance. She was eventually acquitted but not without running up substantial legal costs.

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