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Health and safety

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Safety Assist

Our full-service health and safety solution, Safety Assist, ensures your business has effective systems and processes in place to meet your health and safety compliance obligations.

We identify the health and safety risks associated with and around your workplace, then work with you to find the best processes to manage those risks.

Good health and safety is no accident.

Who is Safety Assist for?

We work with small to medium sized business from a broad range of industries including, education, manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail, not-for-profit and local government.

For many businesses, creating and maintaining a safe workplace is challenging. Many businesses simply don’t have the time, skills, staff or resources or expertise to put sound health and safety procedures in place.

Safety Assist is designed and developed to help business in need. Our health and safety services will:

  • reduce the risk of workplace injuries by ensuring clients have systems and processes for effective management of the risk
  • ensure that you manage the impact of business change via a regular review process
  • respond effectively should an incident occur in order to minimise the impact to your business
  • minimise the potential liability exposure of prosecution and penalty in the case of a notifiable event.

Whatever your business, sound health and safety practices are essential. We believe in the importance of a company-wide focus on safety.

What Safety Assist covers

Safety Assist will help you to meet and maintain your health and safety compliance obligations by providing the necessary frameworks, expertise and guidance.

Our health and safety solutions will help with:

  • Initial site inspection and business discovery
  • All relevant health and safety documentation, policies, procedures and forms
  • Emergency preparedness review and emergency contact report
  • Fire and first aid review, including fire action signage for your site
  • Complete risk register, including initial hazard identification and assessment
  • Notifiable work requirements
  • A 12-month calendar of actions followed up with a regular check-in call from us

Incident management assistance 

We can also provide incident management support for notifiable events. If there is a notifiable event, our role is to minimise the potential liability exposure of prosecution and fines. We'll also assist you throughout the incident management process. 

For more information about our workplace health and safety risk management services contact us.  We’ll work with you to ensure the health and safety systems your business need are in place and operating to required standards.

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Working together to protect what matters

Our experienced health and safety risk specialists work with businesses to put systems and processes in place that reduce the risk of harm occurring, and minimise liability exposure should an incident occur. 

To learn more about our risk solutions and services get in touch. 

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