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Personal insurance

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Home insurance 

For most of us, our house is our single most valuable asset. Whether it's your family home, a bach or a rental property we can help protect you against loss and damage with the right house insurance solution.

Protecting your place 

House insurance protects against the unwanted. It gives you cover for the big events like fires and floods, earthquakes, landslides, as well as the smaller accidents like broken windows, fences and burst pipes. You might think the chances of something like that happening where you live are small, but recent events tell us that no where in New Zealand is necessarily immune to natural disasters.

How does house insurance work?

There are different types of home insurance to choose from including:

Replacement sum house insurance  This can cover you for accidental loss and damage policy or for a defined event only, depending on your situation
Tenanted house insurance Accidental loss and damage cover for your tenanted property
Holiday house insurance The cover depends on several factors including where the home is and how often you visit it


Sum insured

Most home insurance policies cover your house for up to a maximum specified amount or 'sum insured'.

In the event of a disaster, we'll use your sum insured to repair or rebuild your home. As homeowners, you are in control of setting your own sum insured for your home insurance policy, and ensuring your rebuild cost is kept up to date if renovations or other improvements are made.

Help with home insurance

Get peace of mind that your sum insured is as accurate as possible, so if needed, you’ll have enough money to rebuild your home. Our brokers are here to help you understand exactly how homeowners insurance works and what situations you’re insured against. We’ll guide you through the process of setting the sum insured, compare house insurance policies, and work with you to make sure your home is protected with the right cover.

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Contents insurance

We can cover the replacement cost of your home contents as well as your house.  You’ve invested a lot of effort and money to get the possessions you value so it makes sense to insure them. Our brokers work with you to determine the right cover. And if a claim occurs we'll go into bat for you, advocating for settlement of the claim with the insurer on your behalf.